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Nominee: Gangadhara Tilak Katnam

“I volunteer to prevent road accidents, preventing increasing number of orphans and thus reducing the burden on society and our nation.”



Gangadhara Tilak Katnam hails from a small village of Godavari District. He worked for 35 years in South Central Railways and retired as Senior Section Engineer. While working as software Engineer at Hyderabad , he witnessed few accidents which were taking place due to potholes. He saw young people losing lives and becoming handicapped due to pothole accidents. When the govt unheard his suggestion, he started filling potholes on weekends on the roads of Hyderabad to prevent bike accidents.

Considering the urgency of the situation Gangadhara Tilak Katnam left his software job and started filling potholes daily from 1st August 2011 on Hyderabad roads as many accidents were taking place due to potholes. He never collected donation from people and spent his pension money for filling potholes. Besides filling potholes, he attended many drains which are spoiling roads . Shramadaan foundation a social initiative started by Gangadhara is now joined by many volunteers who support his initiative. His services have been recognized at International level. World radios such as BBC, NPR and TV channels have broadcast-ed about this social service initiatives. BBC World even gave me a gift of car through Mr. Amitabji ( Star plus TV picture) Has been called as ‘True Legend of Hyderabad’ and the ‘Doctor Of Roads ” in Hyderabad and worldwide by many media houses Gangadhara Tilak has so far filled 1,255 number of potholes and 12 drains. I volunteer to prevent road accidents. We are preventing accidents and saving many lives by filling potholes. Preventing increasing number of orphans and thus reducing the burden on society and our nation.Even at 68 Gangadhara Tilak has sufficient strength and energy to fill the potholes and will keep walking ahead in service.